Corporate AV
(Audio Visual)

IMC Productions offer the following Audio Visual (AV) services:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Consultation

  • Installation

If things pertain to audio, lights, or video, then we have a variety of services for you. Our team has years of experiences and have seen many different arrangements. We have the expertise to make your event, organization, or facility bright, loud, balanced, radiant, and dependable for you to enjoy. Social Media and attendee interaction is something we provide frequently, letting people engage digitally with the event. This enables our clients with the ability to reach a larger audience and put their branding in front of more people than just those attending the occasion. Not only can we ignite your night, but we can create setups that are elegant, captivating, or relaxed.


IMC Productions has experience with:

  • Expo/Trade Shows

  • Conferences

  • Hotels

  • Wedding Venues

  • Event Centers

  • Night Clubs


Our team is made up of trained professionals to work with all kinds of events and are prepared with a variety of systems and technical knowledge. We started doing AV in  Nashville, TN, and now serve the Southeast region. We are also trusted by and oversee the AV for many facilities in the surrounding areas. We also offer a free initial Audio Visual evaluation/consultation for all Venues and Event Centers.


We also accommodate many outdoor concerts and events throughout the year. The technology we have enables us to set up quickly with minimal impact for outdoor events. Using Wireless technology we are able to make things fast and event better than before. We can spread out equipment out over a 5K course, Pool Party, Car Show, or Scottish Festival. Our team is passionate about having technology that we can rely on and having solutions for when things don’t go according to plan. The experience we have tells us, “it’s not IF something goes wrong, it’s WHEN something goes wrong.” We come prepared to make your event as seamless as possible, our job is to make sure things sound great and work.

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